MWL External Conferences


The Muslim World League is holding a conference on Cultural Rapprochement between the Muslim World & the USA in NY on October 4-5, 2018, with the participa


In his address at the opening of the MWL Conference “Islam is a Message of Peace” held in Strasburg, the MWL’s SG says,"Peace is the most frequently used word in Islamic legislature". A number of prominent religious, governmental, parliamentarians & thinkers attended the event.


‏H.E. the S.G. pstronizes a symposium on "Good neighborliness & Co-existence" in Mulhouse France, with the participation of the City Mayor, the Chief Rabbi Elie Hiyoun, the President of the Islamic Christian Friendship Association Beatrice Fasser & the Churches' Rep. Vincent Mary.


With International Islamic Halal Committee, the MWL held a conference in Sāo Paulo. Halal food & misleading fraudulent methods used in Islamic halal consumption with false accreditation, false names & bogus standards were discussed. HE Mr. Assouly acted on behalf of the MWL SG.


The French Institute of International Relations hosts this afternoon in Paris HE the MWL's SG. The event was attended by a selection of French "senior advisers, "intellectuals","media personel" and former ministers, where a lengthy dialogue dealt with several current issues.

About MWL

MWL is an international NGO headquartered in Makkah, with members from all Islamic countries and sects. It presents true Islam and promotes friendship among people.