The General Islamic Conference represents the sentiments and aspirations of Islamic nations worldwide, aiming to achieve their utmost goals. The Muslim World League (MWL) derives its legitimacy and authority to represent the Islamic peoples from this conference.

It encompasses a group of distinguished Muslim scholars actively serving Islam. These scholars convene to address significant Islamic issues, striving to resolve the challenges faced by Muslims and to fulfill their best interests and aspirations.

The General Islamic Conference has convened several times:

- The First General Islamic Conference took place in 1381 AH, corresponding to 1962 AD. It was during this conference that the Muslim World League was established.

- The Second General Islamic Conference occurred in 1384 AH, corresponding to 1965 AD. One of its key recommendations was to foster Islamic solidarity and to address obstacles hindering it, such as declining religious morals, increasing sectarian conflicts, and conflicting regional interests.

- The Third General Islamic Conference was held in 1408 AH, corresponding to 1987 AD. It highlighted the importance of honoring the sanctity of the Two Holy Mosques, venerating Makkah, the sacred months, and the Hajj rituals. It also emphasized that ensuring the security of the Two Holy Mosques is a responsibility of the Muslims in charge.

- The Fourth General Islamic Conference took place in 1423 AH, corresponding to 2002 AD. It focused on issues concerning the Islamic Ummah, globalization, and issued several significant documents, including the Makkah Charter for Islamic Action. The conference also made a statement regarding Palestine and called for the formation of a supreme coordination body and an international body of Muslim scholars.