Excerpts from the address of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Alissa

Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Alissa

HE the SG of the MWL Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Alissa addresses 1200 Islamic figures from 127 countries & 28 Islamic components at the MWL conference on Islamic Unity: Perlis of Labeling & Exclusion, held in Makkah under the Patronage of the Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques.

Excerpts from the address of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Alissa

When we find that the majority of the world’s Muftis in our Muslim world and its senior scholars are here with us today answering the call of the Muslim World League to the subject of this important conference which is held in the immaculate Makkah district, we realize with certainty that the conscience of the masters of the Ummah immersed in science and thought involves abundant good. They are the herald of a promising future imbued with more awareness and giving in the face of discord, division, extremism and terrorism risks. This future is forewarning people against the risk of giving a hasty look at the other non-Muslim. This shouldn’t happen in world requiring greater reflection, wisdom and careful consideration of the consequences.

What a beautiful sight to behold, when one finds himself close to a brother exchanging with him good intention, accepting his excuse; understanding Allah’s design in difference and diversity. He would tell him what he sees as true and fair in good manners and kind advice; without antagonism, arrogance or defamation, as well as falling prey to the deviation of takfir and the like.
Analytical surveys done by the Muslim World League have shown that the main reason for a number of drawbacks and repercussions are the result of three issues:

1. The absence of an open dialogue with its lofty manners. Take the example of a recluse person, keeping to his own self cloistered within his own group. That person will revolve in his own world in a vicious circle that gradually becomes hermetically tight leading to self-defeatism and growing suspicious of others

2.  Unproductive and sterile debates between sects and denominations based on flimsy pretexts have produced more harm than anticipated benefits; proof to that is the constant detriment between them. It is no secret that showing the truth should be preceded by mercy and leniency, the way Islam’s lofty ethics are. With strong certainty, that each of us is required to convey (the message). After that, whoever is embittered, or shows added stubbornness or rowdiness, that individual has broken the covenant of Islam’s brotherhood and character.

3. The negative urgency to attain spiritual leadership in terms of its scientific and intellectual aspects; here we say that there is no exclusive leadership in that for any individual or institution. There is no priesthood in Islam. And no one is infallible after our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, all the panting in this case is a second situation that calls for the ending scientific realm, along with sidelining others, and the imposition of one-sided hegemony on them. With this in mind, we must highlight the importance of directing the public to ask advise from scholars and people of faith; individual members and in institutions. We also call for the importance of cooperation between these institutions and individuals with appreciation and due respect to all of them.