Video clips of the open dialogue between HE the SG and Ambassadors of Delegates to UNESCO

HE the SG conducts a comprehensive/important dialogue with intellectuals, politicians, media in

Video clips from the SG's Dialogue with a number of senior advisors, thinkers, politicians and

During his visit to the European Parlianent HQ in Strasbourg France, the second EU Capital, HE

The WCC in Geneva hosts HE the MWL’s SG, and conducts an open & lengthy discussion session with

At "a historical & significant" meeting His Holiness Pope Francis receives His Eminence MWL SG

A remarkably warm official reception given by senior Governmental dignitaries for HE MWL SG

The Japanese National Diet (Bicameral Parliament) hosts HE Dr. Mohammad Alissa, Secretary

Japan Government officially invites MWL to represent Islamic seat at Hiroshima atomic bombing

A historical presence for the MWL at Int'l Conference for Religious Leaders in Japan as a key

Lately, the MWL conducted some "extensive" Islamic & humanitarian works around the world

Commenting from Sheikh Mohammed Ismail Secretary General of the Association of British Scholars