The world's largest Islamic forum: the 45th session of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League

With the participation of its members of their eminence and excellency

The world's largest Islamic forum: the 45th session of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League

In their final statements, the members of the Council expressed their aspiration for a world of peace and harmony

The final statements call on the nation to overcome the differences that distract them from its supreme goal of spreading the values of love, develop the universe and pleasing humanity

The Council highly appreciates the efforts of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince in the service of Islam, Muslims and humanity as a whole

The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom:
The MWL Supreme Council seeks to achieve a number of noble goals regionally and globally

Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa:
If Islam in its contemporary history has titles, your MWL is a broad title in our glorious Islamic record

MWL presence in forums of Islamic and humanitarian concern is balanced and influential

MWL has undertaken pivotal tasks in the history of the contemporary Islamic presence

MWL Initiatives around the world bridged the relationship between nations and peoples and removed artificial and psychological barriers to prove that Islam welcomes dialogue, understanding and cooperation

Bin Bayyah:
MWL makes great efforts in very important circles. In the Islamic circle, it works to embed brotherhood ties among peoples

The Mufti of Egypt:
We are all hopeful the MWL will contribute, as is the case always, with better luck, in spreading and supporting constructive values
Whoever speaks about or addresses the public religious affair must comprehend our contemporary reality in its “developments, challenges and international changes,” along with their requirements, agreements, charters, and balances

Dr. Al-Sudais:
Praising MWL impressive drive in international forums to promote values of peace and tolerance, reject conflict and hatred and combat Islamophobia

MWL unites the Islamic ranks towards peaceful coexistence in the world


Yesterday morning, the works of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League (MWL) kicked off along with its members; their eminence, and excellency, in its 45th session to discuss a number of topics on its agenda.
The Council’s works opened with a speech by His Eminence Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which he emphasized the bond of faith that unites Muslims regardless of their different colors, races, tribes and languages, and the diversity of their customs, cultures and homelands. He highlighted the prestigious position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the Islamic world, as it is the birthplace of revelation and the origin of the final message. To Muslims, the Two Holy Mosques constitute the focal point of their lives when they turn regularly in the direction of the Kaaba in their prayers. The Grand Mufti also emphasized the heavy responsibility shouldered by the Kingdom towards Islam and Muslims, taking care of their affairs and paying attention to their issues, bearing their concerns, seeking to address their problems, extending a helping hand of assistance and relief to them; standing with them in their time of crises and suffering, and defending them in regional and international forums. His Eminence pointed out the efforts exerted by the MWL’s Supreme Council to achieve a number of noble goals regionally and globally, including the Islamic level: Achieving unity among Muslims, calling them to join forces, stand together, raising their awareness and alerting them to the dangers of conflict and division dividing them.  Spreading sound moderate thought, guarding them from extremist and terrorist ideas, as well as fulfilling the message of Islam in spreading peace and justice, liberating man from servitude to anyone other than Allah Almighty. Boosting and improving rapprochement and mutual aid among peoples for their own good and common interests. Additionally, Muslims should participate in relief, progress and development efforts around the world for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is after all, the message of Islam; Allah Almighty has sent His Prophet (PBUH) as a mercy to the worlds.

Then, His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, the Muslim World League’s Secretary General, Chairman of the Organization of Muslim Scholars, delivered a speech stressing the MWL General Secretariat's pride in the great contribution of the members of the Supreme Council in supporting its blessed march. A march that focused on clarifying the truth of Islam to the worlds, especially with regard to combating the notions of extremism and terrorism and promoting awareness within the Islamic inland. He said: "The MWL’s General Secretariat is pleased with you in this meeting, this gathering that always contribute to the fulfilment of everything that would support the MWL's objectives devoted to the service of Islam and Muslims and compassion to all people, based on the universality message of our Noble Prophet (PBUH), whom Allah has sent as mercy to the worlds." His Excellency emphasized that "Islam is a radiant book open to everyone; there are no hidden mysteries within its folds. Its message is brighter than daylight; there are no ambiguities or complications therein. Rather, the problem lies with those who don’t read this great book attentively, yet, if they do so, they do not do it well. but somehow, they slide too far in the paths of misguidance. The reason for this seems (mostly) due to lack of awareness or superficiality."

Dr. Al-Issa noted the MWL took it upon itself to spread this with wise awareness and good counsel, whether within or outside the Muslim world, helped by its distinguished relations with all spectrums of people around the world, where it is always welcomed by all countries and societies. He added, "The MWL bears upon itself the great confidence entrusted to it. “Thank God”, it was this element that has facilitated stating the truth with plain evidence, which made many to return to their senses, whether through conviction or understanding and common sense. However, if we did not succeed in the first, we won’t lack the second. It suffices us to ward off harm away Islam and Muslims. the most important matter in all this is to assist Muslims who have strayed away to return them to the path of righteousness.”
His Excellency pointed out that every true Muslim believes in the design of Allah Almighty pertaining to the difference and diversity among people, whether within their sects or cultures; one must deal with that with the wisdom of this divine plan.  

His Excellency continued: "In the context of all of this, we have to clarify the veracity of our religion to everyone, and that it seeks the common good of all people since it is a mercy to the worlds. Islam advocates truth, peace and justice. We do not say that in jest or through “improvisation”. Rather, we support it with clear proofs, and divine books. Also with the work presented by its living witness to the reality of our Islamic values that call for the common good of humanity."
He said, the MWL is a blessed gift to the Muslim world from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its perpetual and early lineage go back to the first League of Islam, from where the blessed message shone. Today, however, it uses a modern formula based on an executive structure tailored on modern system of management and running.
He affirmed, the MWL went on its promising way to become a major international organization, undertaking great tasks, based on its values and vision, passing through its mission, and realizing its goals through several means.

His Excellency addressed the members of the Supreme Council, saying: "Your auspicious gathering, embodies the mainstay of the MWL since its inception, until it reached your turn to take the helm by providing every support to the MWL, and keeping it going firmly forward based on covenants and promises, shielding Islam against distortions, misinterpretations, and falsehood. In its contemporary history, if Islam has headings, your MWL represents a sizable title in our glorious Islamic record."

He said the MWL’s poised and influential presence in forums of Islamic and humanitarian concerns has undertaken crucial tasks in the history of the contemporary Islamic presence. Through its initiatives around the world, it has spanned bridges, linking nations and peoples through durable relationships, and removed artificial and psychological barriers, a clear proof, Islam (which holds the manifest truth) welcomes dialogue, understanding, cooperation and coexistence.

He added: "Within the context of this Islamic work, we appreciate the blessed, patronage and supportive efforts of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, in serving Islam, Muslims and humanity as a whole."

This was followed by a speech by His Eminence Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council, Chairman of the Forum for Promoting Peace for Muslim Communities, member of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League, expressing his appreciation for the great efforts made by the MWL.

He said the MWL makes great efforts in very important circles. On the Islamic side, it is working on embedding brotherhood ties among peoples, urging them to transcend sectarian or narrow populist calls and to embrace the moderate and tolerant Islamic fold. As for the humanitarian side, the MWL is adopting high-level qualitative initiatives that seek to span bridges among peoples. It is looking for wise men of diverse religions and sects among the rest to spread peace at a time when the voices of dissention are rising. The MWL’s endeavor stem from the teachings of our true religion, which encourages cooperation in common good and reconciliation between peoples.

He said: "The past years witnessed the birth of the "Charter of Makkah", sponsored by its patron the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in the place and time of its noble advent and its content, carries great symbolic dimensions that led to its unanimous acceptance around the world by Muslims and others. It is, after all the labor of sincere effort and superior thoughts."

His Excellency praised the international campaign to combat (hate speech) launched by His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa, which was crowned with success and met with great interaction. He added: "I also commend the role of the Organization of Muslim Scholars led by His Excellency Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, for its attention to the fiqh scholars and religious leaders who bear the responsibility of explaining, clarifying, and spreading the correct interpretation and the correct narration of this true religion. The UAE Fatwa Council had the honor of partnering with the MWL in the (Emergency Jurisprudence) conference, which dealt with very serious and important topics related to the appropriate dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic."
He noted that the MWL's efforts reach beyond the important scholarly intellectual efforts expanding to relief efforts, and supporting education and development that profited various countries, Islamic sects, and human races without discrimination or limitations.
For his part, Prof. Dr. Shawki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, member of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, for the good efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the benefit of the Arab and Islamic nation.

He said: "One of the most important factors in addressing the perils we face is to support the development efforts implemented by governments and countries to achieve comprehensive and sustainable progress and achieve the economic growth required to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of peoples for a dignified life. Governments should encourage everyone to join hands to catch up to the bandwagon of civilization, progress and development. There is no doubt that scholars play a prominent role in spreading awareness and right thought. Ours is the battle of   awareness in the first place. The message we need to send; is cooperation and interdependence for it to communicate the correct awareness message and forthright thought.

After its peoples rejected the extremist groups’ ideological, political and dogmatic views, the Muslim Ummah pins great and unwavering hopes on its distinguished scholars and opinion and thought leaders to thrust the Muslim nation to broader horizons and restore it to its rightful position through solid knowledge, hard work, technical development and productive expansions."

He added: "This requires us to open up to the whole world, to live in our contemporary era with its changes and facts, and must be serious participants in all constructive fields. Today’s world doesn’t care much about slogans and rhetoric. There is no place within the civilized world for the lazy or the idle. As we should take our Muslim nation on the path towards achieving prosperity and progress; we must release the thoughts and minds from pessimism, laziness and dependence. We must infuse the souls with the values of knowledge, work, justice, determination, cooperation, respect for time and order. We must also revive the idea of respecting the state’s system and shun everything that leads to chaos and disorder. We are all hope that the MWL will contribute, as always, with better luck, in spreading and supporting these constructive values."

For his part, His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jomaa, Minister of endowment in the Arab Republic of Egypt, member of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the MWL for its efforts in serving the issues of Islamic thought and putting concepts to right. He said one of the most important roles the MWL has to do first, is take care of Muslim issues and unite their ranks; second, draw the frameworks and structures pertaining to their relationship with others in an effort to consolidate the foundations of coexistence. And this what the MWL has been doing successfully earning it all praise.
He highlighted the urgent need for productive cooperation to intensify and rehabilitate the training program aimed at improving the education level of imams, preachers, researchers in religious affairs, and those who are involved in it in various countries of the Muslim world.  their level must be up to par with our required global discourse today.  Thus, those who need to speak in public about religious matters or address it must be well aware of our contemporary time. Such an issue should not be limited to the local level only, but at all levels of challenges, variables, international changes, requirements, agreements, charters, and balances. He must be also well versed in the jurisprudence of purposes, the jurisprudence of aims and purposes, the jurisprudence of priorities, the jurisprudence of reality, the jurisprudence of available, and the jurisprudence of balances.

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais, President of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, member of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League, praised the MWL’s efforts in achieving its Islamic and global message, praising its impressive drive on international forums to promote peace and tolerance, reject conflict and hatred, combat Islamophobia and promote the values of dialogue among followers of cultures and civilizations.

His Eminence Sheikh Mustafa Ibrahim Ceric, member of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League, praised the sincere efforts made by the MWL to unite the Islamic ranks towards peaceful coexistence in the world.

He praised the achievements made by the Makkah Charter for Islam and Muslims in alleviating the attack and hostility levelled against their religion and culture due to the misguided extremist groups. He stressed that the Makkah Charter involve the good of humanity, expressing the lofty vista of Islam and its rational view on human diversity, and its call to dialogue and polished communication, in the face of extremism evil ideas, hatred and clash of civilization. He noted that Muslims today are in dire need of the MWL to eliminate numerous misgivings attached to many Islamic and human issues, whether through ignorance or purposefully. The need arises also to correct the illusion in understanding and addressing fallacies. Through their understanding the difference between the text and its application, learned scholars  and preachers who understand the spirit of time and place, will be held accountable before Allah and before the Muslim nation, as there are those who are under the illusion that correct understanding requires correct application, adding, "I truly believe that the MWL, under the management and leadership of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, is competent for this historic mission towards improving the image of Islam and Muslims in the world."
Several eminences and excellencies, members of the Council delivered speeches, followed by a review of the meeting’s agenda, concluding with the Council issuing number of decisions and recommendations.

At the conclusion of the Council's work, the following statement was issued:

The Supreme Council of the Muslim World League expressed its aspiration for peace and harmony to prevail in all parts of the globe, and for Muslims to be inspired by the principles of their true religion, which calls for unity of the ranks, reunification, adherence to the firmest bond and overcoming differences and schisms that only increase the Muslim nation’s weakness and humiliation, and even distract it from its supreme goal of spreading the values of love, affection and striving in improving the universe and pleasing all humanity based on Allah Almighty will.

The Council valued the efforts of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, calling for the unity of Islamic conscience and spreading the spirit of cooperation and solidarity among Muslims.

The Council thanked the continuous projects undertaken by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the expansion of the Two Holy Mosques, the development of their architecture, the service of the holy sites and the provision of the finest services to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and visitors, sensing the great responsibility and honor that Allah Almighty bestowed on the country of the Two Holy Mosques, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its guardians.
They appreciated the efforts accomplished by the General Secretariat of the Muslim World League to serve Islam and Muslims, including the Islamic Unity Conference, the Makkah   Charter Conference, the diffusion of the biography of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), according to the best modern means, bringing Islamic references together under the umbrella of the Muslim World League, and spreading awareness among Muslim youth to enlighten them about their religion and protect them against evil.
We ask Allah Almighty to grant us success.

Monday, 7 February 2022 - 15:20