Muslim World League organizes a Qur'anic Competition for 67 male and female Hafiz in Philippines

The Muslim World League ( the League) has organized, in collaboration with Risalat Association in the Philippines, a Qur'anic Competition in the Philippines that was composed of seven branches and in which 67 male and female Hafiz (those committing Qur'an to memory) have participated. 
H.E. Dr. Abdullah Ali Basfar, Secretary General of International Organizational for Memorization of Holy Qur'an, said, in implementation to the directive of H.E. Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Abdulkareem Alissa, Secretary General of Muslim World League, the International Organizational for Memorization of Holy Quran has organized a Qur'anic competition in seven branches that comprise: “Memorization of both the Holy Qur'an and "Gazariah" Poem on the perfect recitation of the Holy Qur'an- Memorization of both the Holy Qur'an and meaning of its words Memorization of both the Holy Qur'an and 152 Hadiths (Prophet Tradition) from "Riyadh Al-Saliheen" Book on Hadith-Memorization of both the Holy Qur'an together practice of perfect intonation- Memorization of only fifteen sections (Juz) of the Holy Quran- Memorization of only five Sections (Juze)the Holy Qur'an- Memorization of the Text of "Omdat Al-Hkam Book”. 
Furthermore, the activities of the Competition was conducted and supervised by a six-member Arbitration Committee. 
Additionally, H.E. Dr. Basfar indicated that a reception was held on this occasion at the Headquarters of Lano Del Sur in the Philippines and was attended by H.E. Mr. 
Faris Saad Almitairi, representative of the Saudi Embassy in the Philippines and H.E. Dr. Ronsing Asnawel, Dean of King Faisal College, Mindanao University and H.E. Mr. 
Musa Jamla, representative of the Province Office, a number of scholars, teachers, and students as well as a group of the public. 
H.E. Dr. Basafar has emphasized the significant role played by the Muslim World League via the International Organizational for Memorization of Holy Quran in rendering invaluable efforts and assistance to the male and female individuals who either study the Book of Allah Almighty (Holy Quran) or memorize it. 
Likewise, those who delivered speeches at the reception had encouraged the Hafiz to double their effort in pursuing the study of the Holy Qur'an and in holding fast to its tents and those of the immaculate Sunnah of His Prophet blessing and peace be upon him) At the end of the event, gifts and awards have been distributed to male and female winners in the seven branches of the competition. 
It is worthy of mention that the Muslim World League organizes usually a number of programs for learning and memorizing the Holy Qur'an throughout the year in all countries in general and in Muslim countries in particular.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016 - 21:28