SG of the MWL Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Alissa Speaks today at the Peace Promotion Conference in Abu Dhabi

HE the SG of the Muslim World League Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Alissa Speaks today at the Peace Promotion Conference in Abu Dhabi (Islamic Values protected legitimate Rights and Liberties and made them a guage for community justice, and warranty to their peace and prosperity).

Excerpts from the speech of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Alissa at the conference of the Promotlon of Peace in Abu Dhabi, "the Alliance of Good Values - an opportunity for world peace"

• Islamic Values ​​have preserved the legitimate rights and freedoms, and made them a gauge for justice to societies and the guarantee to their peace and prosperity
• While preserving legitime rights and freedoms, the values ​​of Islam cannot be fragmentated; they are immune of any interference by any pretexts that would affect their inclusion and neutrality.
• Establishing the values of justice and peace, Islam has never taken a stance that violates moral values of the other.
• The gambles taken by extremism are attributed to their perpetrators, not to religions
• No religion was safe from meddling and slandering attempts.
• How many a materialistic banner were raised in the name of the Creator, and how much science and enlightenment were hampered in the name of the word of the Lord for which it is "innocent of all that"
• Islam understands the existence of religions as a universal design that must be celebrated, since difference, diversity and multiplicity are characteristics of human nature.
• Islam included religious minorities in the first Constitutional Document, Al-Madina Declaration, establishing the rules of comprehensive citizenship for the preservation of rights, duties and promoting the values ​​of coexistence between the components of the civil state and its denominations.
• Historical events between Islam and others are the result of reasons unconnected to the religious existence of the other.
• Not seeking the truth from its proper sources, some will fall prey to the snare of those who serve a special agenda and history's
• The preservation of Islam of the rights and duties of minorities is a fundamental element of its justice and values ​; the Medina Constitutional Document has proven that beyond any doubt.
• The quest for global peace depends on inner peace with self, individuals and communities. Once peace and serenity are established internally, the second condition will happen willingly and spontaneously.