On invitation by the MWL, H.E. Dr. Alissa received the delegation of al-Aqel, the Druze Sect of Lebanon

Dr. Alissa and the Delegation of Mashyakhat 'Aqel, the Druze Community, Discuss Ways to Unite Islamic efforts in the Face of the Challenges of Division and Conflict.


The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Sheikh Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Alissa received at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Rabita in Makkah the Delegation of Mashyakhat 'Aqel, the Druze Community in the Lebanese Republic, headed by Sheikh Ghassan al-Halabi, Sheikh Gandhi Makarem the Sect's Judge, Sami Aboul al- Muna  president of the Sectarian Council's Cultural Committee and the Secretary-General of al-Irfan at-Tawhidia Foundation, Sheikh Sami Abdulkhaliq Member of the Awqaf Council Committee, Sheikh Khaldoun al-Husaniya, Personal Secretary of Sheikh Aqel Sect, Sheikh Halim ad-Dibissi Member of  al-Irfan at- Tawhidia, Sheikh Nidal Jammaz Member of al-Irfan at-Tawhidia, and Sheikh Yahya Abdulkhaliq from the Monotheistic Science Faculty.

During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues related to the unification of Islamic efforts in confronting the challenges of division and conflict, stressing that Islamic unity brings good to all; strengthens the values of tolerance and cooperation and promotes mutual trust and good intentions to others.

Emphasis was put on the importance to be inspired by the higher values of our joint Islamic faith and understanding of the Creator's design in diversity and plurality within the Muslim world, and with others. This highlights the importance of communicating with all for the sake of enlightened dialogue to face the ideas of clash and civilization conflicts. History lessons have told us about their adventures' horrible losses.

Photo Caption:
1- Dr. Alissa Receives the Delegation of Mashyakhat 'Aqel, the Druze Community.
2 - Dr. Alissa Receiving, in Makkah, the Delegation of Mashyakhat 'Aqel, the Druze Community.