The Muslim World League issues an (important clarification) about a number of suspicious entities

The Muslim World League issues an (important clarification) about a number of suspicious entities


The Muslim World League would like to inform those concerned with Islamic work that there are a number of centers, associations, councils, federations, forums and bodies around the world who pass themselves as religious scholars.

Among those, there are entities who use virtual sites on the internet and social media, however, they lack true or reliable existence. These are phony or suspicious organizations established to steal money, finance terrorism, propagate some extremist ideas, political or partisan gains, or to boost support for their own agenda.

Moreover, some of the individuals claim positions or titles which are denuded of any truth. They also perform some activities aimed at helping suspicious groups, organizations, extremist ideologies or terrorist actions.

The Muslim World League has a comprehensive data base in this field based on the authentic opinions of hundreds of scholars, religious students, preachers, and Islamic thinkers belonging to its international councils, forums, bodies, centers and offices.

This comes in addition to the Rabita’s close relationships with a number of relevant international bodies. Therefore, it calls on everyone to not hesitate to contact the MWL for reliable information regarding dealing with or connecting with any association.

The Rabita reiterates its new vision and global and historical dimensions as its responsibility of Islamic affairs; in addition to being known as an international organization providing its relevant services to governmental and public bodies around the world.