Muslim World League Condemns the Attitude Adopted by Iran Aiming to Politicize Pilgrimage (Hajj) Obligation

Muslim World League Condemns the Attitude Adopted by Iran Aiming to Politicize Pilgrimage (Hajj) Obligation

Makkah :

The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League (The League) based in Holy Makkah has denounced the attitude adopted by Iran which was represented in its rejection to sign minutes of the agreement  pertaining to completion of arrangements of pilgrimage (Hajj). The League holds Iran fully responsible for depriving Iranians intending to perform Hajj or Umrah or visiting Madinah of the opportunity of doing so via creating obstacles that prevent reaching a final agreement that organizes the performance of the Iranian pilgrims for Hajj obligation.

This was carried  by a press statement,  issued by H. E. Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Ibn  Abdulmohsin  Alturki, Secretary General of the Muslim World League (the League ) and Member of Commission of Senior Scholars (Ulama) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and in which he said." Muslim World League strongly denounces the conduct of Iranian Regime and its attitude that contradicts all laws and agreements that are drafted up by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to secure the safety of the pilgrims at the Grand Masjid when performing their rituals.

Furthermore, His Excellency indicated that the Iranian officials should realize that Hajj obligation is a religious one and one of the five pillars of  Islam; and that it should not be linked to political attitudes and differences among countries.

His Excellency further emphasized that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the sagacious leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Masjids King Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz is very keen to serve the Two Holy Masjids, protect those who visit them for Hajj and Umrah; and does its level best to shoulder this great responsibility in a manner that achieves the objectives of Islam.

His Excellency added that despite the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is always keen to make the Two Holy Masjids as well as pilgrims and Umrah performers avert whatever undesirable, we find that Iranian Regime tends to increase the level of provocation and recklessness ; and behaves  during Hajj season  in a manner that  instigates chaos , destabilizes security with a view to  marketing its methodology and strategies under the cover of lustrous and deceptive slogans  and which resulted in the occurrence of the bloody incidents of 1407H.

This necessitated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was compelled to take the initiative, behave decisively and put an end to the irresponsible policies and activities that used to be undertaken by the Iranian Regime during Hajj. Hence, these acts comprised the promulgation of laws that organize the status of Hajj and visitors and prevent violation of security and diversion of Hajj away from its objectives as well as exploitation of Hajj season for special political objectives. All Muslim countries comprehended the complications that led to taking such decisions and applauded the keenness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to guarantee security and preserve order.

His Excellency said the Muslim World League  confirms that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the right to adopt every agreements it deems appropriate in securing the safety of Hajj and pilgrims as well as preserving the objectives of Hajj and the methodology that was followed by the Muslim Ummah since the time of  the Holy Prophet and his illustrious companions and the subsequent time that was adopted as an example by the successive generations of the Muslim Ummah.