HE, SG meets Lebanese sects in a Saudi-Lebanese cultural meet.

1- The more the logic of priorities and tolerance is used, awareness rises. 

2- A lopsided logic of priorities and tolerance will lead to extremism. Spiritual awakening is the belief in Allah’s diversity and creation.

3- History’s records are witness to the defeat of sectarian clash which scores a “momentary victory” but loses at the end for lack of values.

4- Soft power is the divine revelation’s logic; the attitude of reason and wisdom. No place for dominant physical power over soul and mind.

5- Spiritual components' clash with National State will change from enriching elements to that of exclusion; then blunders become obvious.

6- When spiritual discourse transcends vain controversy & conflict and rousing negative religious passion, it regains its rightful position

7- Rousing religious passion and scaring Muslim communities off their religion without cause and wisdom are the 1st components to extremism.