Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali

10/16/1431 - 15:08

Secretary-General of the League:

2/09/1414H corresponding to 13/02/1994
7/10/1416H corresponding to 2/12/1995

Born in: Madina El Monawara
Date: 27/12/1352H, corresponding to 13/04/1934.

His scientific life:
- Primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Medina.
- Bachelor of Commerce from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in 1376 AH (1957).
- Bachelor of Law from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University in 1378 (1959).
- Master of Public Administration, University of Michigan, Arber, USA, in 1382 AH (1962).
- PhD in Public Administration (Financial Management) from New York State University (Albany) in 1387 AH (1967 AD). Entitled: Financial Control Prior to Exchange A comparative study of the financial control system in Saudi Arabia and the State of New York.

Main Official Jobs:
- Work in various positions in the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia 1377 e.
- President of the University of King Abdulaziz on behalf from 1387 to 1392 AH (1967-1972).
- Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Technical Affairs from 1392 to 1395 AH (1972-1975).
- President of the Islamic Development Bank from 1395 to Ramadan 1414 AH (1975-1993).
- Secretary-General of the Muslim World League from Ramadan in 1414 to Rajab 1416 (1993-1995).
- President of the Islamic Development Bank from Rajab in 1416 (1995) until now.

About MWL

The Muslim World League is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in the Holy City of Makkah.