Sheikh Mohammed bin Sorour Al-Sabban

10/16/1431 - 14:20

Secretary General of the League:

1 / Rabi Thani / 1382H corresponding to: 31 August 1962
1 / Rabi Thani / 1390H corresponding to: 5 June 1970
He was born in the city of al-Qunfutha in 1316 AH.

Main Positions:
- An employee in the Municipality of Makkah in 1336H.
- Chairman of the local Schools (Kuttab) in the National Council in Makkah in 1342H.
- Assistant to the Secretary of the Holy City.
- Chief Editor in the Ministry of Finance.
- Director of the Ministry of Finance.
- Graduated until he became Minister of Finance and National Economy of Saudi Arabia.
- In 1366 he served as director of Hajj administration.
- Secretary General of the Muslim World League from 1382 until his death in 1390 AH.

- Founded a library called the Hijazia library in Makkah in 1345 AH.
- Printed at his own expense many books about heritage and biography, including:
* The precious contract in the history of the Sacred country
* Diwan Fuad Khatib
* literature Hijaz
* and other books.

His death:
- Sheikh Muhammad ibn Suror al-Sabban (may Allaah have mercy on him) died on the fifteenth of Dhu'l-Hijjah, 1390 AH

We ask Allaah to make him dwell in His spaciousness.


About MWL

The Muslim World League is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in the Holy City of Makkah.