Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali al-Harqan

10/16/1431 - 14:54

Secretary General of the League:

1396/4 / 8H corresponding to 4/4/1976
1403/9 / 8H corresponding to 1983/6/1919

He was born in Medina in 1333H.

His scientific life:
- Preserving the Koran and seven years old at the School of Islamic Sciences in Medina in 1340H.
- The religious and linguistic sciences of a group of scholars received flags in the Prophet's Mosque.
- Studied the arts of Arabic language and literature and its origins and branches by the world of the city and the campus mark Sheikh Mohammed Al-Tayeb Al-Ansari Altambaki.
- The Sheikh completed his studies at the Prophet's Mosque in 1352H.

Main functions:
- Teacher in the Mosque of the Prophet in 1352H.
- Judge in the year 1356H.
- Engaged in trade from 1357 to 1972H.
- Judge in the city of Jeddah in 1372H and included in the positions until he became President of the Court of Jeddah.
- President of the Grand Court of Jeddah from 1378 to 1390 AH.
- Minister of Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1391 to 1396 e.
-Secretary-Generall of the Muslim World League from 1396 until his death in 1403H.

Other Memberships and Activities:
- The International Islamic Conference of Islamic Organizations, which was held in Makkah in 1394H, which launched the activities of the Islamic call in the world under the slogan and embraced the rope of God all.
- Member of the Supreme Council of Surrogacy.
- Member of the Islamic Call Organization.
- Member of the Council of Senior Scholars.
- Member of the King Faisal Foundation.
- Member of the King Faisal International Prize in Riyadh.
- Vice President of the Fiqh Academy of the Muslim World League.

- The Sheikh, may God have mercy on him, presided over many meetings and cultural and intellectual conferences inside and outside the Kingdom.
- He visited many Islamic countries and minorities in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas in order to inspect the affairs of Muslims and advocate their causes.
- The Local Council of Mosques in Malaysia opened.
- The Continental Council of Asian and Pacific Mosques was opened in Jakarta, Indonesia.
- The new Islamic Center opened in Tokyo.

His death:
- Sheikh Muhammad bin Ali al-Harqan (may Allaah have mercy on him) died on the 8th of Ramadan in 1403 AH

We ask Allaah to make him dwell in His spaciousness.

About MWL

The Muslim World League is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in the Holy City of Makkah.