Islamic Center in Nigeria

Office Director: 
Dr. Fadel Khulood
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League's External Islamic Center serves the Muslim community in the country that embraces the Center.

At which:

1)      Muslims can meet, mark their celebrations of Eids (Fitr & Adha )and other social occasions

2)      Secure for their children adequate education at their schools or weekly classes.

3)      Provide Muslims with social, cultural and health services

4)      Supervise marriage contracts

5)      Enhance relations among the members of the single family

6)      Arrange the Islamic burial of their dead people , via securing them special graveyard

7)      Facilitate means of Hajj & Umrah.

8)      Provide meeting halls for organizing their conferences that discuss the affairs of Muslims and their contemporary issues

9)      Centers usually include Massajids at which the prescribed regular prayers and Juma congregation are performed

10)  The Imams at such Massajid help those embracing Islam to utter the two witnesses's phrase (I witness that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah), follow their cases as new converts and grant them the special care they deserve.

Postal Address: 
Islamic Center of Anofia
P.M.B. 1040, Afikpo
Anofia , EB
5° 49' 0.3432" N, 7° 55' 1.0128" E
Ebonyi NG
Geo Location: 
Latitude: 6.177973000000
Longitude: 7.959286300000